Dez’s Story

Dez shares her story about growing up very independently after her alcoholic father left when she was 5 years old. With problems from her past rolling over into her marriage, Dez and her husband learned through Relationship Lifeline of their need to rely on God and go the direction that He has planned for them.

Erik and Kelley

On Sunday, Kelly was ready to file for divorce and had no hope anything could change. What had happened 36 hours later was beyond what either of them could have imagined.

Robert and Melissa

This husband and wife drove to Relationship Lifeline in separate cars, and stayed in separate hotels in different cities. Efforts to communicate seemed futile… until one insight changed everything

Paul and Julie

Their attempt to blend their families from previous marriages had led to separation, and divorce papers just waiting to be signed. But today they’re an intact family, and they’ll tell you why.

LaSaundra and Dunbar

Despite counseling, they found themselves at their rope’s end instead of in newlywed bliss… then four days gave them the tools to totally transform their marriage and recapture that newlywed spark.

Kenny and Pam

When circumstances outside the marriage led to disrespect and lack of love within it, Kenny was ready to run. Learn why they both call Relationship Lifeline the best thing that they ever did for their relationship.


After 26 years of marriage, the same issues continued to surface in her marriage. Wondering if she’d ever escape the groundhog day, she finally saw her husband’s walls crumble at Relationship Lifeline.

Walter and Phylicia

After watching couples they knew leave Relationship Lifeline completely changed, curiosity about the process drove them to participate. They left valuing each other more deeply than ever before.

Matt and Kimberly

Although they entered marriage agreeing that divorce was not an option, they found themselves at a breaking point. Learn how Relationship Lifeline went beyond saving their marriage, and allowed them to fall in love.

Chris and Kathy

Their marriage was a good one, and they were just looking for a little tune up. But Relationship Lifeline taught them far more about their relationship and the depth of their love for each other than they had expected.

Robert and Sue

Married for 25 years, they were stuck in a pattern of suppressing instead of resolving conflict. Hear how Relationship Lifeline brought them the self-awareness they needed to transform that reality.

Jege and Hans

They knew they had a great love for each other, but it got lost along the way. Participating in Relationship Lifeline allowed them to get beyond their impasse and live out their best marriage — and lives.

Lori and Mark

Between the loss of a son and raising a child with special needs, they found themselves in need of support. Then they acquired the community and skills to give them the strength they needed.