We can help you build the tools to provide a secure and positive co-parenting environment.

Divorce is a major life change that knocks the wind out of your sail — regardless of fault or circumstances.  Suddenly being on your own can leave you reeling, dealing with issues such as money, children, career and changes in the family home.  This traumatic experience will bring an overwhelming tidal wave of feelings.

Divorce forces major changes in your life. Whether or not you wanted a divorce, moving on is challenging — no matter how strong a person you are, or how much you think you’re prepared.  It’s hard to adjust to being single again and breaking habits of being married, especially if you have been married for many years.

And divorce forces major changes on your children.Even with your best efforts, it’s unavoidable. Although you tried to prepare yourself for a new reality, how could your children truly prepare for what life would be

like after a divorce? Reality sets in with feelings of rejection, hurt, fault, fear and anger that a child could never anticipate. And reality can be exponentially worse if there isn’t peace between the parents. So what can you do?

We can help you. We have worked with married and divorced couples for more than 20 years. To move your life forward, you must start by healing yourself.  We can help you embrace this precious opportunity to rediscover who you are and explore the real you.  Your old relationship was husband and wife, and if you have children, your new relationship is as common allies in support of your children.  Now is the time to learn to be the healthiest you can be: for yourself, your children, your extended family, your future relationships and all other significant relationships in your life.

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Common Reasons Couples Attend


Are You Really Hearing Each Other?

Good communication is the cornerstone to building and maintaining any healthy relationship. It creates a sense of intimacy that can be shared throughout a lifetime, and it’s nearly impossible for any relationship to thrive without it. Whether you would like to improve your conflict resolution or experience a deeper connection with your spouse, you can achieve it through communication. Thankfully, it can be learned!

We can help you develop your communication skills so that you and your partner can establish and sustain a relationship filled with closeness, love and respect.
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Will I Always Hurt Like This?

Life can be absolutely beautiful, but very few of us make it through without some scrapes and bruises along the way. Whether you were hurt in a prior relationship, forced to live with unfulfilled needs, or life threw you a curveball from which you can’t seem to recover, you might be trying to get through with the pain of an open wound. You might have a burden that you carry the weight of daily. Maybe it’s something that you’ve never admitted to another person, or even to yourself. Whatever it was that wounded you, you don’t have to walk through life this way.

We can help you identify the root causes of what’s holding you down, and guide you through a healing process to reclaim the vibrant and fulfilling life that you desire.
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How Do I Co-Parent With My Prior Spouse?

Some separated couples prefer to go their own ways and never speak again. But as a divorced parent, you don’t have that option! Your children are going to need you to co-parent and communicate in a healthy and non-toxic way. We know that there’s probably pain and baggage between you, but when children are put in the middle of their parents’ conflict there are severe and long-term negative effects. That doesn’t have to be your story, though.

Relationship Lifeline will dramatically change how you parent and interact with your ex as you learn how to create a healthy environment for yourself and your family.
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Tried Everything

We’ve Tried Everything. How Could This Be Different?

So you think you’ve already tried everything available to repair your marriage. Books, seminars, therapy…if someone names it, you’ve done it. Maybe you saw a short-term improvement with counseling, but you quickly reverted back to old patterns. Maybe you’ve tried other marriage programs, but the benefits were minimal and you didn’t find the breakthrough that you need. You have not tried everything, if you have not tried Relationship Lifeline. We’ve helped hundreds of couples like you: couples that were at the end of their rope, and who, despite their best efforts, had no hope in sight.

We are a research-based program that uses unique, interactive and experiential exercises to facilitate true personal growth, empowerment and healing — for individuals, couples and families — and we can help you.
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Safe Harbor

Can Your Partner Be Your Shelter In A World Of Storms?

Maybe your marriage is fine, good even, but you just don’t have that sense that you are each other’s safe harbor — the place where you know you can bring the secrets of your heart and your deepest fears and insecurities, and know that you’ll be met with love and understanding. Maybe you can’t seem to find the right way or bring up the challenging topics. Maybe you’ve tried, and it didn’t go so well. Maybe you’re scared you’ll be met with judgment instead of empathy.

We can help you develop the skills necessary to have those important talks and cultivate that sense of refuge, both throughout the weekend and thereafter.
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Real Reviews From Actual Attendees

Margaret Aubin

In order to be involved and facilitate Relationship Lifeline, Paul and I had to experience it first. We were newly married, still in the “honeymoon” phase, but found that it took our relationship to a new, deeper level of understanding, especially with our blended family issues that had already started to surface. Being a step-parent can be challenging and Relationship Lifeline equipped us and helped us have a better understanding Continue Reading

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