Not every marriage can or should be saved, but every individual can and should be healthy.

Separation and Divorce are major life changes that knocks the wind out of you — regardless of fault or circumstances.  Suddenly being on your own can leave you reeling, dealing with issues such as money, children, career and changes in the family home.  This traumatic experience will bring an overwhelming tidal wave of feelings along with some major life changes that will be forced upon you. 

Whether or not you want to separate or the divorce, moving on will be challenging and it won’t matter how strong a person you are, or how much you think you’re prepared.  Most people have no idea just how hard it is to adjust to being on your own again or to attempt to break sometimes decades long habits and rituals that came with your married life.

We have worked with separated and divorced couples for more than two decades. 

To move your life forward, you must start by healing yourself.  We can help you embrace this precious opportunity to rediscover who you are and explore the real you. Your old relationship was as a husband and wife, and if you have children, as a family. Maybe that reality no longer exists, however, what takes its place will determine the emotional and sometimes even physical health of yourself and your children. That’s why your new relationship has to be as common allies in support of your children. 

Don’t wait another minute to secure a better future for you, your ex-spouse and your children as you all move forward into this new reality.


Regardless of the issues or trauma in your past, R3 Relationship Lifeline  CAN HELP YOU find healthy resolutions that allow your relationships to move forward. Join the thousands of couples who discovered newfound love, happiness, and fulfillment they never knew was possible.