Do you sometimes get set off by little things and regret your reactions?

If your marriage is over but you have kids, it is imperative that you be able to have a healthy relationship with your ex-spouse, for the kids’ sake.

Even with your best efforts, it’s nearly impossible for you to prepare your children for life after divorce. Once the reality of what’s happening sets in, the floodgates of intense emotion pour in and out of children like a broken faucet. Feelings like rejection, hurt, fault, fear and anger that a child could never anticipate and has no way to process without professional help.

And that reality can be exponentially worse if there is unresolved conflict between the parents. 

So, what can you do? This is where an R3 Relationship Lifeline can step in and help you navigate these tumultuous waters.

  • Let us help your children experience 2 healthy parents! 

What classifies as a healthy co-parenting experience from the children’s perspective will be different in every circumstance, but there are some key factors that remain consistent, and this is what R3 Relationship Lifeline can help with. The things that contribute to a successful co-parenting experience time and time again. The things that consistently lead to the best possible outcome for all involved. 

R3 Relationship Lifeline will help you face the reality of what everyone can easily see is not working. However, just identifying the problems is hardly enough, at R3 Relationship Lifeline we not only help guide you into awareness, but more importantly, we help guide you to change, to success and to fulfillment in your co-parenting duties.

Through the 3-day weekend process our knowledgeable guides will lead you to adopt some new, relevant and exciting tools to help you best co-parent.

Part of the process of healthy co-parenting can be found in the R3 Factor’s three step process.

Step one is to (R1) Reveal the hurt and set the anger aside for your kids’ sake.  Hurt people hurt people, so when feelings get in the way of healthy parenting, your children become the victims. If you are venting to your children instead of to one another, or an adult friend, or if you are using the children as your messenger, you are consciously or perhaps even unconsciously asking your children to make a painful choice. Unknowingly asking your children to choose you as the “better” parent is incredibly damaging and should be avoided at all costs. Remember this parenting business is not a job for the weak of heart but for healthy, sober minded, resilient and tough adults.

Attending this intensive R3 Relationship Lifeline weekend will give you the tools to continue the process into step two: (R2) Rewriting the anger and changing your focus and shifting your attention to what is best for the kid’s present happiness and future long-term health and life success. 

Then, finally toward the end of the weekend, you’ll progress to the third and final step of the R3 Factor process. The final step is the (R3) Renew, where you will strive to renew some semblance of normalcy for both the parents and the children. We’re not going to let yesterday’s mistakes destroy your or your kid’s futures. Renew is about the decisions you will make next, it’s about how you process information and go about making better decisions, better for you and better for your kids.