Your marriage can be the beautiful and romantic partnership that you always dreamed it could, and we can help you get there.

What if… your marriage can be the beautiful, romantic, affectionate, healthy, thriving partnership that you’ve always dreamed about. No, really it can but are you prepared to get your hands dirty and do the work necessary? If you are, then we can and, more importantly, we will help you get back to, or maybe have for the first time a vital, happy successful marriage.

Marriage intensives are meant to deep dive into the root of what is not working in your relationship and give you hope for a new beginning.

If there are issues in your marriage that you can’t seem to resolve, or conversations that you don’t even know how to begin, let us provide you with a tool belt full of practical and useful tools to rebuild what has been torn down by years of struggle and strife. From infidelity, addictions, years of hurt or simply growing apart.

Let us help and give you a Lifeline

We understand how easy it is to feel discouraged even to the point of hopelessness, but we have also spent decades watching couples rediscover themselves and each other as we walk them through our weekend couples intensive.

You might be asking yourself how we are different, well the answer is simple: we are different because we are you. That’s right, all of our instructors, relationship guides and teachers’ assistants have been where you are now. We’ve all walked through relationship damage to some degree but more importantly, we’ve all, with the help of R3 Relationship Lifeline, weathered the storm and come out the other side with a much better understanding of who we are and how we can better manage ourselves and our relationship.

Commit to a 3-day intensive and if you personally are not satisfied, we promise you will not pay a dime. We are confident that you have nothing to lose but the baggage that has weighed you and your marriage down for years.