What if…

It Was Possible to Rewrite Your Story?

R3 Relationship Lifeline is a three-day experiential workshop for individuals who want to learn how to better understand themselves so that they can effectively identify, track and ultimately correct the problem areas in their day to day lives and relationships.

This experiential training known as the R3 process, serves as a guide to teach participants how to Reveal yesterday, Rewrite today and Renew tomorrow and is specifically designed to empower you to live a healthier life both personally and relationally. 

In about 30 hours individuals will discover their toxic, negative and at times disabling patterns. All the things that seem to be conspiring against you, holding you back from enjoying the personal fulfillment and relationship success you are looking for.

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This incredible weekend promises to provide you the tools you’ll need to identify learned behaviors in order to successfully move forward into a place where destructive belief systems and negative patterns simply lose their power. 

Give yourself a chance to discover what’s keeping you from genuine happiness. 

Most participants say that their weekend at R3 Relationship Lifeline lands firmly in their “top 5″ of life changing, memorable experiences. 

Regardless of the issues or trauma in your past, R3 Relationship Lifeline CAN HELP YOU find healthy resolutions that allow you to move forward.  Join the thousands of individuals who discovered newfound love, happiness, and fulfillment they never knew was possible; register now for our intensive 3-day workshop, offering you help whether you are in conflict or crisis, in either your personal life or a significant relationship.

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What's in it for you?

  • A safe place to open up and heal from what’s been holding you back

  • The tools you need to grow and lead the life you deserve

  • Tools to move past the hurts, hang-ups, and learned negative patterns

  • Move past the anger, resentment, shame, blame and bitterness

  • Approximately 30 hours of experiential training that gets to the root of the issues


Counselors and therapists affirm that this program does more than up to two years of consistent counseling.

With a 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose… except your baggage!

Register today and gain your life back.